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We use brass and stainless grommets and hardware for durability and long life weather resistance.  Automated machines ensure consistent and accurate placement.

Grommets / Hardware

The use of programmable machines ensure consistent strength and reinforcement in high stress situations.

Automated Sewing


Quadro's equipment base is standardized for fast reliable production, ease of maintenance and minimal down time.  Large machine and format capabilities give us flexibility to take on virtually any project.

Long Arm Sewing


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History of Quadro.

The origin and beginning of Quadro Corporation came about when what had been a reliable source of closure assemblies for baggage and cargo trailers for the commercial aviation industry GSE equipment discontinued their manufacture of closure assemblies for baggage trailers and this meant that the manufacturers of GSE baggage trailers were without a closure supplier for their baggage trailers.

Quadro Corporation is located in Glenwood, Minnesota. The year was 1972.  A manufacturer of GSE equipment, also located in Glenwood, was rapidly expanding and becoming a major supplier of GSE equipment to the aviation industry in North America.  Two individuals in management from this GSE manufacturer in Glenwood saw an opportunity available for the curtain manufacturing and established Quadro Corporation.

In these early years, baggage and cargo trailers typically used a "chain lacing section" with the vinyl curtain assemblies on these trailers.  The chain lacing section eventually were discontinued because of their cost and as the improved quality of the vinyl materials used for the curtain panels became available, the need for the chain sections was eliminated.  Quadro does however, still make chain lacing sections for closures that require better security.  A vinyl curtain assembly today, consists of a panel of vinyl material with webbing reinforcements sewn vertically and horizontally on the panel and around the panel perimeter, replacing the chain.

In the early 1980's another manufacturer of GSE equipment expanded and located in Glenwood.  This rapidly expanded  the production of closure assemblies at Quadro Corporation.  Several other OEM manufacturers are also now in this market and use Quadro as their source for curtain closures.

Engineering and quality have always been a priority in Quadro curtain closures.  Only materials of 1st class quality are used in curtain production.  Quadro works directly with the OEM manufacturers of trailers to engineer the product for their application.  Heavy duty industrial sewing machines are also used in closure manufacture.

Other products used in the aviation industry are also available from Quadro.  These consist of PCA ducting, vinyl doors for baggage tractors, commissary truck doors, hand rail bumpers, etc.

Quadro's database also supports all of the curtain assemblies of Quadro's manufacture.  This now represents 45 years of product support for the industry.  several manufacturers of baggage and cargo trailers are also no longer in business, however, Quadro's database will still support their products.  Every product made by Quadro, including the drawings from the first curtain assembly to today is in this database.

On July 1, 2016, Quadro Corporation was sold to a son of one of the founders and the name is now Quadro, Inc.  This will assure the continuation of the products of Quadro into the future.


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Baggage Cart Closures for the Airline GSE Industry

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